• What is LinqBox?

    LinqBox is an online bookmark manager that works across browsers and devices. With LinqBox you can bookmark links you don't want to lose, create notes for yourself, and have them all in one central, easily-searchable place. LinqBox works independently of your browser, so you can bookmark a page on your IPad, and later access it on your Linux system using Firefox.

    LinqBox works with your browser's bookmark toolbar so there is no need to install any browser plugins or toolbars.

    Read the rest of this page to understand how to use boards, tags, and what all the privacy levels mean for both boards and links.

  • Link Spaces

    Each account has two link spaces: the primary link space, and a secondary link space. A link space is where you store your links. If you have sensitive bookmarks that you don't want to show up while you are browsing through your links, you can save them in your secondary link space. When you are logged into your primary link space, any links saved in your secondary link space will be hidden. To view links in your secondary link space, you have to switch link spaces, which requires you to re-enter your password.

  • Boards

    Boards are a flexible way for you to organize your links by topic or interest. They act as folders. Each of your boards will have its own URL within LinqBox.com, allowing you to share specific boards with other people. Boards are independent entities and are anonymous. There is no way for anyone to know who owns a link board. This allows you to share boards with people without worrying about them being able to see what other boards you have.

  • Tags

    Tags allow you to further organize your bookmarks by tagging them with relevant words or phrases. They make it easy for you to filter through all of your links and find what you are looking for.

    For example, if you happen to have a board where you post links related to travel, you can quickly search for Aruba resort reviews by searching only for bookmarks tagged with the words "aruba", "resort" and "reviews".

  • Board Privacy

    The privacy level for boards is pretty simple. Public boards can be seen by anyone, even people who are not members of the site. Your private boards can only be seen by you. As mentioned before, even when a board is public, no one will be able to tell that it belongs to you. There is no risk of other people being able to see what other boards you own..

  • Bookmark Privacy

    • Default: Bookmarks with this privacy setting will obtain their privacy level from the board that they are posted on. This means if a person can see the content of the board that the link is posted on, they will be able to see the link or note.
    • Private: Bookmarks with this privacy setting will not be visible by anyone even if they are posted on public boards.
  • Saving bookmarks

    • On your Mac or PC

      The LinqBox bookmark manager uses bookmarklets which are little pieces of code that live in your browser's bookmark toolbar. You first need to make sure your browser's bookmark toolbar is visible.

      If you have Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera, you can simply drag the bookmarklet boxes below, to your browser's bookmark toolbar. If you are using Internet Explorer, you need to right-click on the box, and select "Add to Favorites".

      To bookmark a page, you simply click on the bookmarklet while visiting the page you want to bookmark.

      Bookmark Bookmark the page you are on with this bookmarklet.
      Let's you create notes of things you don't want to forget.
      Read Later Bookmarks pages instantly without you having to enter anything. Marks them as "unread."
      Takes you to your LinqBox account.
    • On your IPad

      To add these bookmarklets to your IPad, you need to copy the bookmarklet code below, create any bookmark, then edit it, rename it to something appropriate, and then paste the bookmarklet code into the URL field.

      For example, to add the Bookmark bookmarklet, follow these steps:

      1. Bookmark this page by clicking on the arrow next to the address field.
      2. Copy the 'Bookmark' code below.
      3. Click on the book icon and edit the bookmark you just created.
      4. Rename the bookmark to something like 'Add to LinqBox'.
      5. Paste the bookmarklet code you copied, into the URL field.
      6. To bookmark a page, visit the page you want to bookmark, and then click on the 'Add to LinqBox' bookmark that you created. This will launch the popup that will allow you to bookmark the page you are on.

      Do the same thing for all the bookmarklets you are interested in.

      • Bookmark

      • Note

      • Read Later

    • On your iPhone or Android

      Apps coming soon for these platforms.