The Problem With Delicious, Facebook and Twitter’s ‘Follow’ Feature

When I first decided to create LinqBox, I was excited about the idea of creating both something that I can actually be a user of, and something that can be valuable regardless of how many other users use the service. Dating sites, social networks, are only truly valuable to users if there are a significant number of other users on the site.

I wanted to create a simple online bookmark manager where users can save and access their links from anywhere. If you are someone who hates having to find that very informative article you saw a while ago, or that very funny video, and wish you had just saved it somewhere other than your browser at work, this is a useful service regardless of whether or not your friends think so.

But I also saw the benefit of being able to share those sites that I found important enough to bookmark, with friends. But doesn’t the bookmarking service Delicious do this already? Besides having a really, really stupid name, there is a serious problem with Delicious’ follow feature, and it’s the same problem Facebook and Twitter have. More >>

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