Share Your Bookmarks With a Public URL

You can now share your boards and notes with others with a public URL within

To get the URL of you boards, just click on the ‘new window’ icon next to the board name, on your bookmarks page. That will take you to that board’s page.

Bookmark Board New Window

Here’s a demo board page:  Note that the board page is completely independent. There is no way for visitors to see who owns it. People you share a board with will not have the ability to see which other boards you own. This is a big difference between LinqBox and other bookmarking sites that believe people want to share all their bookmarks with the world. This gives you the flexibility to share only what you wish to share.

Notes also have their own public URL. Of course, this URL only works if the note is public or if you are the owner of it and are logged in. Here’s a sample:  From the note page, visitors can go to the bookmark board(s) that the note belongs to.

Bookmark Note Demo


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