What Social Bookmarking Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong

Social bookmarking, the act of bookmarking links on the web and sharing those links with others, has never really taken off, at least not to the extent that other social networking services have. Delicious, the most well-known of these sites, has been sold three times since its founding in 2003. YouTube founders, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who had bought the site from Yahoo in 2011, just sold it to Science Inc. in May 2014.

Social bookmarking still remains a niche market. Delicious currently only has about 2 million active users after 10 years. Pinboard, a successful, paid bookmarking service has about 20,000 active users according to its founder, Maciej Ceglowski.

Many other sites have come and gone. Zootool, a more visual bookmarking site recently shut down after 6 years. It had, I believe, about 150,000 users. It seems many know how to start a bookmarking site, but few understand what it takes to turn it into an actual business. More >>

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