Hide Your Bookmarks with Link Spaces

One of the many problems with keeping your bookmarks in your browser is the inability to hide some of those bookmarks from people looking over your shoulder. Online bookmarking services have pretty much neglected the need for hiding bookmarks that users just don’t want displayed as they browse through their stuff.

This why I came up with the concept of “Link Spaces.” I wanted to give users the ability to completely separate some of their links from others, so sensitive links wouldn’t automatically display as they browse through their bookmarks. I use LinqBox for work and I may have videos bookmarked that I would not want to show up as I use the site at work, especially since video bookmarks are automatically embedded on the page.

Each LinqBox account now comes with two link spaces, the primary link space, and a secondary one. When you bookmark a site or a video, you choose which link space to save it to. When you log in, you are automatically logged into your primary link space. Any bookmarks saved in your secondary link space are not displayed. A number icon at the top of the page lets you know which link space you are logged into. To view the bookmarks that were saved in your secondary link space, you can go to the settings link on the menu and choose “Switch link space…” You will be asked to re-enter your password.


Bookmark Hiding With Link Spaces

When you are bookmarking a page from the bookmarklet popup, at the top you will see the link space that you are logged into. To switch, just click on the ‘Switch’ link, and enter your password. The popup will be refreshed, and you will be able to save the bookmark in that link space.

Bookmark Hiding

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