About LinqBox

LinqBox is a ‘not too social’ bookmarking site that allows you to save and access links from any browser. It uses bookmarklets that you put on your browser’s already existing bookmark toolbar so there is no need to install any plugins.

In addition to using tags to organize and quickly find the links you have bookmarked, you can organize your links based on categories by posting them on what we call “boards.” Boards are like folders and can be made public. They each have their own URL within LinqBox.com.

The difference between LinqBox and other social bookmarking sites, is that public bookmarks at LinqBox are anonymous. You’ll notice that users don’t even have user names. If you want to share your bookmarks you do so by sharing the URL of the particular bookmark board that you want to share. The people you share a board with will not be able to see the rest of your bookmarks. There is nothing that links a bookmark board with its owner or the rest of the boards that belong to that account, as boards are independent entities.

Each LinqBox account has two link spaces. This feature allows you to hide some of your bookmarks by saving them under your secondary link space. While you are logged into your primary link space, your bookmarks from your secondary space are not displayed.

Here’s a summary of features so far:

  • Organize your links/videos using categories(boards) as well as tags.
  • Create notes (linqbox isn’t just for links).
  • One-click “read later”/”watch later” option.
  • Bookmarked videos are automatically embedded on your bookmarks page (no need to leave to view videos).
  • Works on all major browsers.
  • No need for browser plugins.
  • Anonymous bookmark sharing (Boards can be public. Users are not.)
  • Public URL for each of your public boards.
  • Public URL for each public note.
  • Flexible privacy settings: Can be at the board level or at the individual bookmark level.
  • Two link spaces under the same account; Good for hiding some of your bookmarks.

Demo public board: https://www.linqbox.com/board/MzUz/

Demo public note: https://www.linqbox.com/note/MzEw/

Currently, I offer a trial account which allows for up to 50 bookmarks, so you can check the service out. For unlimited bookmarking, I charge only a one-time fee of $5.00. Visit the main page to find out more.